Travel Wedding Show


weddingThere is a huge story behind every wedding, especially in India! Here, it is not just the union of the bride and the groom, but of two extended families, with their hopes, dreams and aspirations to translate into the wedding planning reality. A tightrope walk at best with multiple requirements ranging from booking the right venue which is both weather and budget appropriate, to the theme, colours, cuisine, décor, entertainment and translation of the various events.


Why you should exhibit

  • Opens doors for immediate and future sales for you and your trade partners.
  • Wedding table-top shows give your business the opportunity to showcase your products and services, demonstrate your expertise, and increase store awareness, generating sales from a qualified audience with maximum exposure.
  • Offers unrivaled inspiration and ideas for every style of wedding.
  • A platform to deliver the real value, by successfully targeting the right customers as well as the discerning wedding clients who have vast spending power and are frequent purchases of high quality fashion, jewellery and related services.


  • Carefully hand-picked qualified buyers
  • Day 1: Wedding Planners
  • Day 2: Specialised travel agents with experience of global weddings
  • 30 pre-arranged face-to-face table-top meetings
  • Exclusive, undisturbed,
    Invite only – Closed door format
  • Meticulously (electronically) matched suppliers, vendors and buyers dealing in wedding travel
Last three year shows: