Travel Luxury Show – 2017


The Luxury table-top helps to identify and drive trends in the luxury travel sector, and in turn attracts highly sought after, difficult to reach clients. True to its name, it’s an immersive experience, driven by a highly experienced team, resulting in real business for its clients.

Why you should Exhibit

  • Luxury travel industry is largely unaffected by the volatility of markets in general.
  • Enables you to develop the deals that will boost your business.
  • Attracts the right senior players in a focused environment.
  • Simplicity & seamless service rank highly among the main expectations of travelers.
  • An extremely lucrative business environment through Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA) programme of around 30 one-to-one meetings with buyers.
  • Buyers are carefully vetted to ensure their luxury market credentials.
  • A zero-tolerance policy is held on no-shows and buyers are contractually obligated.
  • Excellent brand awareness & industry networking opportunities.


  • Exclusive and prestigious luxury buyers
  • Those who sell out of the box concepts and ideas
  • Day 1: High-end agents, ladies only, specialised agents, B2B luxury agents
  • Day 2: Luxury and Luxury agents
  • 30 pre-arranged face-to-face table-top meetings
  • Exclusive, undisturbed,
    Invite only – Closed door format
  • Meticulously (electronically) matched suppliers, vendors and buyers dealing in luxury travel

bulls-eyeFact File

  • Event Venue: Welcome Hotel Sheraton, Saket
  • Event Date: April 8th – 9th, 2017
  • Exhibitors: 30
  • Buyers: 30
  • Over 900 face-to-face appointments
  • Exclusive Media Coverage

As per the show format, only one person will be permitted per table

Video Coverage

1800 meetings at the Travel Luxury Show (Part 1)

Travel Luxury Show 2017 (Part 2)